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Located in La Havana, our local agency specializes in organizing nature and adventure travel in Cuba. Trust us to organize your trip to Cuba. Altai Cuba guarantees you the benefit of a real quality of service, thanks to our experienced and trained teams.

Before and during your trip, you will be accompanied by a dedicated team of specialists to make you discover unusual and enchanting places in nature. We also make it a point of honor for you to meet local people, so that you can discover their culture, their history, and share moments of life.

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Our team


At Altaï Cuba we are a close-knit team of 20 in total. Between us we have a vast range of experience of outdoor activities, adventure travel and also an impeccable knowledge of the local culture and way of life here in Cuba. Team spirit, self exigency and responsibility are our undisputed founding values, shared by everyone in our team as we continue to explore and share our love for everything Cuban.

With safety at the heart of everything we do, Altaï Cuba is committed to:

1. The quality of our programs and the safety of our customers

Our small group sizes (no more than 15 people) enable us to offer high quality services and to preserve the integrity of the remote places we visit. All of our routes, accommodation, restaurants and partners have been carefully chosen and are frequently inspected to guarantee their safety and quality. We update and adjust our programmes regularly taking into account your comments and suggestions. You are in safe hands with our trip leaders, all experienced, all professionals and all enrolled on our continuous training programme, we can't fault our guides. We also provide and monitor all of the technical equipment needed for our activities; we are proud of our unwavering focus on safety.

2. Fair prices

We never use middlemen, we are based in-country enabling us to trade directly, support locals and ensure fair prices for everyone. We promise no nasty surprises or unexpected hidden expenses. Our travel agents will be in touch with you in the run up to your adventure and all of our trip details are updated regularly with accurate prices and clear descriptions of what is included/what is not.

3. Environmental and cultural preservation

We venture into some of the most remarkable environments in the world and feel it is our duty to protect and preserve these destinations. We follow the 'Leave No Trace' outdoor ethical code and take our Sustainable and Responsible Tourism policies very seriously. We have built up good relations with local people, and in some of our programmes it is possible to spend the night and share dinner with local families in their countryside homes. It is very important to us that these families continue to live as they did before they met us so that they do not reject local customs and traditions. We do not support mass tourism.

4. Excellent customer service

Our dedicated team live in Cuba year round; we have a vast wealth of local knowledge and we really are nature and adventure travel experts. Feel free to contact us anytime, we are always happy to hear from you and love providing solutions!